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  • What is the minimum spend for Delivery?
    • We do have a minimum charge for delivery. This is £150 +VAT. If you do not reach this your order will not be delivered. Importantly, should you wish to use our delivery service you must contact us first to arrange, as all new registrations are default collection only.

  • How do I register for Westflor account?
    • Click on the Register tab and complete the form. If your application is successful we will come back to you with your registration details.

  • Will Westflor London sell to anyone?
    • We are Trade only and will only accept people in the Floriculture and Horticulture Trade. This is to help and support the Industry. When applying for an account we generally ask for some business information. 

  • What do the abbreviations in the Order List mean?
    • IMP= Imported

      EX= Extra Quality

      A1 = Good Quality

      A2, B2, B1 =  All substandard 

      TR= Spray e.g. Rosa TR is Spray Rose

      ST= Standard

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